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Thursday, May 2nd 2019

5:00 PM to close

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Tuesday through Saturday Nights

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Saturday, June 15th 2019

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Popup Atlanta hosted by Tapa Tapa at Midtown Promenade.

Popup-atl is the newest member of Diem Restaurant family, a group that includes Apres Diem, Carrol Street Cafe and Tapa Tapa that's been serving Atlanta for nearly 20 years. Popup-atl comes from the people that have been serving holiday cheer to thousands of Atlantis these past three years as Miracle On Monroe. This past autumn also saw the launch of Prost Atlanta, a German-inspired beer fest overflowing with liters of German brews. This year we will be expanding our vision and hosting more pop-ups, so keep an eye out for more information on our next great theme, it all started with Mardi Gras, and next stop is Sex and Another City! Ladies you know what that means, and gentlemen you know where the ladies will be!

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Sex And Another  City



Fun Facts about Sex in the City

Did you know any of these facts?

1.Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was the only one of the four main actresses whose contract stated that she would not appear nude on screen.
2. Season 5 only has 8 episodes because Sarah Jessica Parker was really pregnant.
3. Nixon wore clip-on earrings in the show, because her ears aren't pierced.
4. Part played by Matthew McConaughey in the episode "Escape from New York", was actually offered to Alec Baldwin. However, Baldwin declined so they asked George Clooney and then Warren Beatty before finally asking McConaughey.
5. In the beggining Producers wanted Carrie to be brunette, but right before the pilot they changed their minds.